What dreams do you have for yourself and your community?

Apply today for a Darlene A. Lee Community Service Scholarship and let it inspire you to accomplish your goals.

Darlene Lee dedicated her life to making her community a place where all felt welcome and safe. She served as the unofficial Oakland Chinatown historian, and helped new immigrants find a sense of home in the neighborhood. From Tiny Tot students to at-risk teens struggling with life, Darlene nurtured rootedness in the lives of the youth to whom she served as a mother figure. As a friend to the homeless and elderly, and in seeing children as human beings rather than as problems, Darlene’s compassion made everyone feel loved. She never let others’ negative comments about her being Chinese, poor, or a woman, diminish her pride in her heritage or who she was.

Interested in supporting college students? Please donate to the Go Fund Me Campaign to help us continue Darlene's legacy. 

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